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John Novacek, is one of the most successful composers in the film and music industries.  John was born on August 2, 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona. Just as his older bother Charles is a jazz percussionist and composer, John grew up with a background in music. But he probably didn’t even fathom the idea that he would develop into a film composer. The fact that he has composed for films and on his own right is a screenwriter, he has made me want to desire the structure and aspects of the wonderful music he has composed for some of my favorite films like The Dream Maker.

John’s musical genius could be seen very easily at an early age. He started studying musical composition when he was attending college. Even though it would be a few years until he wrote the music for the pieces that he’s most well-known for, his career in music instantly began after his studies at ASU. At this point his brother Charles was in the US Marines (Presidential Band).  I imagine not many people know of what was his initial occupation as a pianist. Despite this, his true talent was to be found in writing music. It wasn’t very long after he started composing soundtracks that he began to win various awards.​

John Novacek is a brilliant film composer in his own right. His talent and success in his musical career isn’t surprising. Many factors account for John’s success. His background in music, his stylistic variation in his compositions, and his musical training he received early in life and with family, where all pieces that turned John Novacek into the man he is known as today. One of the greatest and most talented film composers of all time.

 National Academy of Recording Arts  - Professional Member.

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